Thank you for reaching out!


Dr. Jennifer Rizzuto Tinholt has retired her practice.

Her patient records have been forwarded to:



110 Baker Street in Nelson, BC



It has been a wonderful 17 years. Thank You.




Dearest Patients, Colleagues, and Friends,


With both celebration and sadness in my heart, as well as the blessing of my late father Dr. Santo Rizzuto (who opened this office in 1978), I am leaving the practice of dentistry.  


At numerous points over the last few years, through the passing of both of my parents (Anna 2011, Santo 2016), the practice has been listed for sale.  I have held hesitation in my heart for a lot of that time; however, having recently encountered my own health challenges that require my continued attention, I am choosing to surrender and finally let the practice go (something my dad had been asking me to do for a long time).  My life is calling me to find space and rest, to grieve, to integrate healing in my own body, and to be more present with my young family (my youngest son having broken his leg last week!).  I am consciously simplifying this life.


Today, I am so pleased to announce the sale of my practice to Dr. Kelly Davidoff and Associates.  My office will be amalgamated into her existing practice at 110 Baker Street, and the location at 520 Kootenay Street will be permanently closed by June 30, 2017.  Your records (charts, models, x-rays, and insurance information), as well as my receptionist, Margaret MacDonald (who has been in this office for 32 years), will move to Dr. Davidoff’s office to create a seamless transition and uninterrupted dental care for you.  I have known Kelly for many years, and her kind and generous heart are definitely in alignment with the tradition of compassionate dentistry that my father built this practice on.  I leave you, confidently, in her gentle and capable hands.


Over the last few years, I was implementing treatment and educating some of you on the relationship between Adult/Pediatric Orthodontics, Myofunctional Therapy, Airway Assessment, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) and Snoring/Sleep Apnea Appliances.  For treatment and more information in this realm, please contact The Kootenay Smile Studio in Castlegar.  Drs. Peter Lawczynski and Yuro Ihns have been instrumental in supporting my medical-leave and have completed many of my cases for me.  I am forever grateful for their help and like-minded orthodontic approach.


Lastly, it has been a pleasure to serve you, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to your well-being in this way over these last 17 years.





Jennifer Rizzuto Tinholt